A note from founder, Mérida Miller: 

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Having built a successful career in the fitness and innovation design industry, I’ve spent a lot of time working with people, understanding their motivations and their barriers and how to get the best out of them. I have founded several successful initiatives such as Run Like a Girl Amsterdam and co-founder of Common Threads which have all been built on the belief that togetherness can benefit people in so many different ways.

Originally from the US, I moved to Amsterdam after deciding it’s the perfect place to start our Project Fearless journey. The city houses such a diverse and international community of forward-thinking people keen to collaborate. But it’s not without its problems, the gender gap still exists in a lot of different areas and that’s exactly what we’re looking to bridge through our unique programmes.

With Project Fearless, I think it’s so important to provide both a physical space and the right kind of empowering but supportive atmosphere for girls to get the most out of their experience. But the community spirit and collaboration we’re hoping to foster within the girls themselves is something we hope will grow into something much bigger than the walls of Project Fearless. 

This is about igniting and nurturing the kind of bold, brave, risk-taking, adventurous and confident individuals who can tackle what life throws at them and reach the top of any ladder they wish to climb, and we’re so excited to meet them all and get started!

Welcome to Project Fearless.

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 Project Fearless – Who will they become?

This is about empowering and shaping a new generation. Let’s create something that doesn’t exist. Something that mothers wish they’d had when they were growing up and that fathers want for their daughters. Let’s build a place where girls can step inside and shed who they think they ‘should be’, and let them figure out who they are instead. Where they can leave their comfort zones at the door and learn how to make, build, get messy, take risks, create impact and make new friends. 

 Where they can practice being brave, not careful and create outside the lines.

Let’s help our girls to become brave and brilliant women by giving them the space, time and tools to find out who they are as girls.

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