Sanne van der Wal


Meet Sanne…

Although officially a business analyst in IT, Sanne’s life is not defined by roles. As a world traveler, she has always been passionate about other cultures and foremost: people. 

“Deep diving into other peoples’ lives, so different from your own, truly helps you grow, be humble and appreciative.”

I once had a comment on my resume that there was no red line. He saw it as something negative - I don't. I am proud of all the things I have experienced, seen, heard, tasted, smelled and felt. I am a daughter, sister, friend, anthropologist, world citizen, dancer, reader, fighter, gamer, supporter of weirdness, fashion and makeup lover, geek, foodie and much more. But most of all, I am me.”

That is what Sanne wants to teach the girls in our Design Thinking for Impact course. That they are not defined by others but by themselves. 

“I am truly passionate about finding strength in any person. That is the most important part of the course: not finding the perfect solution but finding their superpower in a safe and boundaryless environment.”

To me, being fearless means not being afraid to break the imposed boundaries of society. To not limit yourself to your comfort zone, not taking the risk is the greatest risk.
— Sanne van der Wal