Nanja van Rijsse


Meet Nanja…

Nanja is a wonder woman on four wheels. Back in 2018, she co-founded Women Skate the World - an international organisation that empowers and inspires young girls with the help of a skateboard. Their mantra? A woman’s place is on a skateboard. We couldn’t agree more.

“Skateboarding makes me feel fearless and I’d love more girls to experience this.” Together with her co-workers, she developed a skate-educate programme that combines skateboarding skills with craft and community that promote empowerment, outreach and positive action, for themselves and those around them.

In addition to collaborating with Project Fearless on their pilot programmes in Amsterdam, Women Skate the World currently runs a weekly program in Athens with girls from refugee squats.

Through the literal process of falling and getting back up, skateboarding embraces life lessons on overcoming fears, not giving up and pursuing your dreams.
— Nanja van Rijsse