Eloise Mary


Meet Eloise…

Eloise is a speech and language pathologist turned fitness instructor and personal trainer. This Aussie-Brit, who grew up in Belgium and now resides in the Netherlands, brings high energy, quick wit and a down-to-earth nature to all she does.

As a head trainer, Eloise is responsible for headhunting, training and mentoring other fitness professionals. Not content with keeping active in her 9-5, Eloise has also competed at a semi-professional level in swimming, water polo and netball - phew!

Eloise also strongly advocates for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) as she also suffers from this metabolic and endocrine disease.

I believe in working towards equal opportunity for all genders, after experiencing several situations where
I was told I couldn’t participate because I was a girl.
— Eloise Mary