Aaja Di Vece


Meet Aaja…

Aaja is all about sharing what she’s learned about using movement and creativity as a way to express and process emotions.

Her passion for all things outdoors started at a young age. First playing football with her dad, she went on to experiment with skateboards, rollerblades and badminton. She then discovered a passion for dancing: “It literally kept me on the right path. I’m always thankful to have had that outlet.”

Skateboarding came back on to her radar when she was working at a sneaker store. And so did a new creative spark which led her to studying a bachelors in Styling and Design.

“I feel like there wasn’t enough strong female guidance around for young girls when I was little,” says Aaaja. “And knowing what it means to have an emotional and creative outlet - the wonders it can do for your mental and physical health, I’d love to do my part by contributing the way I can to Women Skate the World and Project Fearless.”

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— Aaja Di Vece